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Cosmetic Acupuncture


  What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a holistic treatment system using the ancient art of Chinese Medicine to diminish the signs of aging without the risks or side effects of surgery or injections.

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How does it work?

Acupuncture, prevalently used around the world, influences the body’s energy (known as Qi) via the insertion of extremely fine needles into specific points on the skin.  Scientific evidence shows that acupuncture improves circulation of both blood and lymph and strengthens weakened muscles by stimulating local nerve receptors.  In terms of Cosmetic Acupuncture, these effects help to improve luster by recruiting more blood to the face, clear skin conditions and swelling by draining the lymph system of wastes and toxins, and soften wrinkles by increasing muscle tonicity and skin elasticity. 

What results can I expect?

Cosmetic Acupuncture can be applied to both the face and abdomen and is viable as an alternative or complement to facial surgeries.  Clients often notice visible improvement after only a few treatments with the results becoming more dramatic and enduring with successive treatments.  Possible benefits include:

  • minimization of fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduction of double chin
  • diminishment of dark circles and puffy eyes
  • tightened sagging skin and drooping eyelids
  • moisturized skin from within
  • increase of collagen production (to keep skin from wrinkling)
  • reduction of frown lines and crow's feet
  • tightening of the pores
  • increased facial luster
  • increased muscle tonicity
  • improvement of acne and other skin conditions
  • reduction of scars

Are there other benefits to Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Our trained practitioners use Cosmetic Acupuncture systems based the ancient principles of Oriental Medicine.  Because of this holistic approach, treatments do more than help to reduce wrinkles and sagging.  They benefit the rejuvenation and revitalization of the entire body, helping youth to be recaptured both inside and out.  Because specific points are chosen based on individual needs, clients often experience ‘side effects’ of improved digestion and vigor, more restful sleep, increased mental clarity, and the reduction in symptoms of chronic disease. 


What can I expect during a treatment?

During the initial consultation and subsequent treatments, the practitioner will make an assessment of the client’s overall health and cater treatments to not only improve appearance but also to benefit health.  A few needles are inserted into the arms and legs, but the majority is inserted very superficially into the face or abdomen.  Needles are retained in the skin for approximately 20 minutes while the client relaxes in a peaceful environment.


How many treatments do I need?

The full treatment course consists of 10 treatments over the span of 5 continuous weeks.  Clients can stop treatment at any time, but best results are achieved with compliance to the full course.  If you are receiving treatment only to enhance recovery from surgery or to treat facial paralysis, fewer treatments may suffice.


Who should receive Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Anyone eager to improve their overall appearance and care for their general well-being can benefit from treatment.  Common reasons people try Cosmetic Acupuncture are to

·        soften wrinkles and other unwanted signs of aging

·        recover from facial paralysis and/or numbness

·        enhance recovery from cosmetic surgeries

·        shed unwanted inches from the waistline


Who should not receive Cosmetic Acupuncture?

If you are looking for dramatic results such as thicker lips, lifted eyebrows or a tummy tuck, you should probably consider other forms of treatment.  If you are a smoker and choose to continue smoking, or if you spend hours a day unprotected in the sun, results will be less dramatic and shorter lived.  Pregnant women and those who suffer from seizures should not receive Cosmetic Acupuncture. 


Are there any side effects of Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Usually the only side effects are beneficial, such as enhancement in overall vitality, improved digestion and more restful sleep.  Although rare, slight bruising may occur at needle sites for a day or two following treatment.  If you suffer from a bleeding disorder or are taking blood thinners, inform your practitioner so he/she can take necessary precautions.  If you suffer from headaches or migraines, early treatments may trigger a spell but most people find their spells lessen in intensity and frequency with continued treatment. 


Are results guaranteed?

Results from Cosmetic Acupuncture are based on individual clients and their willingness to participate in beneficial lifestyle changes.  Results often last from 3 to 5 years, but maintenance treatments are recommended a few times a year.  A 1996 report in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture stated that among 300 people treated with Cosmetic Acupuncture, 90 percent had marked effects with only one course of treatment.  Because of its effectiveness, Cosmetic Acupuncture has received a great deal of attention in Hong Kong, Japan and Sweden, and is now gaining popularity throughout North America and Europe. 


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